Organic, plastic free and zero waste private cleaning service

Bring great, safe cleaning services into your private home – Mies Verden only works with certified natural and 100% biodegradable cleaning agents. Our tools and cloths are environmentally safe too! We aim for zero waste, plastic free and sustainable services and we continue to look for the newest developments in these areas.

A service your heart can get behind.

Zero waste

We do not use disposable products. Everything we use is washable and reusable.

Plastic free

All our products and materials are biodegradable and organic to help protect the environment.

Tailored to your needs

Because no home is the same, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Go plastic free from 329,- per cleaning

With håndværkerfradrag our service starts at only 328,50 kr. per cleaning for a 70 m² home. Are your needs bigger? We can take care of that too, of course.

Have a look at our Services and prices page to learn more about prices and what we do.

We work with the best

Natural Cosmetics Standard logo

Natural Cosmetics Standard

The NCS label certifies the use of organically grown raw materials, no GMO, no microplastics, no parabens, silicones and phtalates and environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.

Eco Garantie logo


The Ecogarantie label certifies the use of organically grown raw materials, containing no enzymes of GMO and optimal biodegradability.

Nature Care Product logo

Nature Care Product

The NCP label certifies the use of organically grown raw materials, containing no enzymes of GMO, optimum biodegradability and recyclable packaging.

Certified Sustainable Enterprise logo

Certified Sustainable Business

Certified sustainable business management of the Association for Applied Business Ethics. Contrary to pure product certification, this label comprises the entire company. In addition to ecological product requirements, the company’s social and ethical orientations are certified.

Stop Climate Change logo

Stop Climate Change

Stop Climate Change is the highest standard for extensive analysis and certification of CO₂. The label certifies the analysis of the entire enterprise regarding CO₂ emissions and complete transparency as far as the processes causing CO₂ are concerned. The analysis proves that our supplier hardly generates CO₂ emissions due to heating and electrical energy.

Better than the labels you already know

At Mies Verden we aim to do the best we can. And that even means outdoing the labels you’ve learned to recognise every day.

What our customers say

I really love the service. Gaby is kind, efficient and very knowledgeable about how to get a clean home without using any horrible stuff. Highly recommended!
Thomas René Sidor
Thomas René Sidor
Bi-weekly customer at Mies Verden

For businesses

Are you interested in zero waste and plastic free cleaning for your business? That’s great! Head over to our business portal to get in touch.

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