About Mies Verden

Mies Verden is a one-of-a-kind cleaning company based in Copenhagen. We provide zero waste, plastic free and organic cleaning services. We work solely with cleaning agents and tools that are made from raw, natural materials that are completely biodegradable. We cycle from home to home, to ensure we travel in the greenest way- the best way for the environment.

By choosing Mies Verden you are making the world a little greener and your home a little safer. We offer flexible cleaning services, in which we rotate the chores that need doing. There is a long list of household chores at any time, but some are more pressing than others. The work we do in your home changes with each visit, tailored to meet your needs.

Danish households alone purchase and throw out over 30.000 tonnes of plastic packaging every year. By re-using that plastic and assessing greener alternatives, we can change the devastating impact plastic has on our world. We can make the world a better, safer place, starting from our very homes. Mies Verden helps by avoiding plastic in all of our products and materials.

We would love to service your home! You can book us by sending us a message. In a 5-minute visit, we can go through a cleaning checklist with you. This visit is free of charge and you are under no obligation to make use of our services afterwards, but we hope you’ll love us!

Mies Verden is the right choice for you, your children and nature. 

Gaby van Zon


For as long as I can remember, I have had an intense motivation for helping others. Whether I was working as a police officer or for children’s services, I’ve always wanted to aid the society I lived in. And now I have found my feet, doing my part in helping to protect nature, by offering nature friendly cleaning solutions- for a safer, healthier home.

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In 2018 my life was turned upside-down when my daughter came into this world. I named her Mie and this is about her future.

My mommy-instincts kicked in double time after my daughter arrived and I started to look sceptically at the products I had brought into my home. This was when my shopping became problematic, actually.

I had made a lot of assumptions over the last 34 years- mostly out of good faith- but harmful assumptions. All the products I used for cleaning and washing were harmful. Not only the plastic packaging they came in, but also the fact they weren’t biodegradable and dangerous for aquatic life.

I realised that I needed to change my habits, so I searched for alternative products. But I didn’t want to stop there, because I know we can do more. We can put an end to the supply of plastic and harmful chemicals into nature and make the changes this world needs. Small steps, millions of them, for a big impact.

So, this is for her. This is what Mies Verden is about. Plastic free, zero waste and organic cleaning services.

For Mies future, and yours.


Gaby and Mie