Our cleaning agents and equipment

Mies Verden aspires to be zero waste, plastic free and organic. Therefore, it is only natural we put effort into finding the right materials for us to work with. To be able to uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves, we have spent months researching the market, looking for partners that share our vision and want to pave the way going forward, creating a better, sustainable future. 

This is how we know our cleaning is safe for people, pets and nature!

Cleaning agents

Cleaning tools

Our cleaning tools come from a local, Danish crafting company, that provides employment opportunities for the blind and visually impaired, as well as offer quality and environmental sustainability to their customers. We are happy to support that balance between good craftmanship and social economical sustainability. The tools they provide are made from natural woods and animal hair, the last of which is veterinarian controlled.

Sponges and cloths

Our sponges and cloths come from a local, Danish company that has distributed their products not only on the Danish market, but markets world-wide, offering plastic free alternatives to traditional plastics used in everyday items. Their cleaning sponges and cloths are 100% plastic free, completely bio-based and reusable.

Vacuum cleaner

Though it is not ideal, we have not (yet!) found a plastic free replacement for our vacuum cleaner. The alternative would be to use a broom instead, which would not be as effective in removing dirt, hair, and fine dust. Therefor, until we find a better, greener solution, we use a robust and sturdy vacuum cleaner, that will last us years.


We could not imagine having a company car to get from one customer to another. It doesn’t fit our nature-friendly ideal, so right from the get-go we researched our possibilities of going from home to home on a cargo-bike. And we are happy we looked! We found a cargo-bike that is tested for safety and durability by renowned international testing authorities SGS and TÜV.


Our overalls are made from 100% sturdy cotton and are very durable. The gloves we use are made from natural rubber. They can be cleaned and used for many times. When they do tear or break and need to be replaced, they are fully compostable.